Rob Pint

After our last experience with our realtor, my wife and I decided we were gonna interview realtors this time around. We had ten of them in Mind, Lori I believe was the 4th one we interviewed with. After sitting with Lori, for about 5 minutes, I knew she was the one to get the job. She does something so well that others, just didn’t seem to care about, the thing she does so well is that she actually listens! She also came very prepared for us, she had to have done hours of research before she even got the job. Others came so unprepared, some had comparables that weren’t even close to what we were selling, some not even in the same zip code. This showed me that Lori, really cares about her customers and goes above and beyond before the job is even hers. Our last realtor also left us in the dark on a lot of things. Lori, was the best, she always got back to me immediately, explained things until I understood it. Look if your selling your house, do yourself a favor and look no further, Lori is the best!

IT GETS BETTER: Lori, knew the value of our house and she asked for it all, she wasn’t like the other realtors, who found all the wrong comparables, then tried talking us into selling our house for less money, so they could guarantee themselves a quick paycheck.

All said and done, Lori sold our house on the very first day and we were closed and moved out all within 30 days!

Thank you Lori and team, you all were such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future.